Our normal hours are 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday. For our Fleet customers, we work when needed to fit your schedule.

We only use high quality name brand Full Synthetic oil. We use the correct viscosity of oil for your vehicle, as recommended by the manufacturer.

For Fleets and Personal vehicles, we offer full-service oil change, which includes changing the oil and filter, adjusting your tire pressure, topping off fluids, and visual safety checks of major components.

The first thing we do is place a large safety mat under the vehicle being serviced. This will catch any drips (and of course, we try to avoid drips!). We use oversized drain pans and we have industrial Cleaners and Spill Kits in our trucks.  We take great care and are very concerned about the environment and about your vehicle.

All our waste oil and filters are entirely recycled by a State-registered recycler. None of it ever ends up in landfills.

Other than our full-service oil change, we offer— Air filters, wiper blades, cabin filters, batteries, and other light mechanical issues.

Yes, we are fully covered with a liability insurance policy and full coverage on our vehicles, which covers your vehicle.

No! You can be doing other things while we take care of your vehicle. Of course, this needs to be scheduled.

Payment at your location can be by card or cash. Fleet accounts can be check, card, or monthly billing.

We want to know about questions or concerns right away. If we can handle it over the phone, email, or text, great. If that’s not enough, we will make a special trip back to your location to make sure you’re completely satisfied.  

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