A great way to earn a little extra cash is to become an Uber and Lyft driver. Although it’s simple to get started, there are a few requirements you must pass before you can drive for the Lyft and Uber platforms. They want to make sure that your car has no problems before you start picking up fares. As part of your Lyft driver application, your car needs to pass an inspection.

Some of these requirements are obvious, such as the type of vehicle. Other requirements, however, aren’t as easily visible, and this is where the inspection comes in. Brand new Lyft and Uber drivers are expected to have their cars checked by an expert at an approved repair shop State-licensed repair shop. Off the Hook Mobile Oil Change, Palm Coast, Florida will look at all the details of your car, both cosmetic and mechanical. The most important items they’ll address will be features such as your seatbelt, lights and tires.

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